Società per il Palazzo Ducale
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Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova
With a mandate to promote and encourage public interest in the history, the arts and culture which firmly links the town of Mantova and the Gonzaga family, this non-profit making association has always made itself available to aid the public and private administration since the beginning of the 20th century.
Although conditions have changed over the years, there is pride in knowledge that the love and passion with which its members have followed the aims of their statute, never diminished.
Article 2 reads: “The purpose of the association is to safeguard and preserve as well as to extend the understanding of the historical, artistic and cultural wealth of the Ducal Palace and the other riches of Mantova; to co-operate with the relevant bodies in achieving their objectives and to help bring greater appreciation, especially amongst the young, of this high cultural heritage”.
Since 1902 the Society has seen extremely busy times alternating with periods of inactivity; nevertheless nothing has ever weakened the awareness that the “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” was probably the first Italian voluntary association with cultural aims.
There have been many restorations sponsored by the Society directly and many others for which it made the first appeals for help.
In the course of its life, the “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” has also purchased old manuscripts and paintings from private collectors. To avoid their loss and to throw new light on the history of the town, these items have been restored and given to Archives or Museums of Mantova.
Periodically the Society organises round-table conferences, meetings and lectures on various aspects of the history of Mantova and its monuments. .
The “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” was formed in 1902 in order to support the protection and preservation, as well as to make better known the artistic wealth of the Ducal Palace of Mantova.

The following is the list of the most important restorations and events organised by the Society to date.

The iconography with any relations of the restoration, if present, are available in the Italian section under the menu

Restoration of the tapestry "The miraculous fishing" by Jan Van Tieghem (Cardboard by Raphael),  required by the Reggia di Venaria Reale (TO) and lent for the exhibition Raffaello – Il Sole delle Arti (Raphael - The Sun of Arts).
Participation in the restoration project of Room of Manto (Palazzo Ducale), badly damaged by the earthquake of 2012: support for diagnostic tests, photographic survey and restoration of a part of the decorations
Support for the realisation of the new set-up of the "Chapel of the Rosary” or “di Guglielmo” in the Old Court where two sixteenth-century paintings of the Mantuan artist Ippolito Andreasi, called “Andreasino” were relocated. The two paintings representing “the Adoration of the Shepherds” and the “Resurrection” were loaned to the Palazzo Ducale by the Brera Art Gallery of Milan.
Support in the final transfer to Mantua of the painting Holy Family with St. Rocco of the Mantuan painter  Giuseppe Bazzani newly acquired in the museum collections of Palazzo Ducale.
Joint collaboration of our volunteers (along with those of  Touring Club Italiano)  for the opening of the exhibition "Oltre il sisma, un anno dopo. Opere salvate dalle chiese del territorio mantovano" (“Beyond the earthquake, one year later. Artworks saved from churches in the province of Mantua”) organized by the Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali of Mantova
Technological set-up of the three rooms on the ground floor of the Palazzo del Capitano. (Palazzo Ducale)
Design and setting of the Technological Plan and furnishing of the new headquarters of the Società per il Palazzo Ducale.
2012 Completion of the restoration of the Cavriani Chapel (Oratorio), the 18th century site  where local rulers were buried in the  Sustinente area.
Restoration of the painting "The Fall of Icarus", currently assigned to one of Giulio Romano’s pupils, Luca Scaletti da Faenza, with its removal from the timber ceiling of the "Hall of the Horses" of Palazzo Ducale and subsequent repositioning
2011/2012 Promotion of the project website illustrating the history and evolution of the defensive system that has long characterized the city of Mantua and its territory
2010 Restoration of four oil paintings with “Stories of the Evangelists” by Mantuan painter Teodoro Ghisi (1536-1601), owned by the parish church of Pietole (Virgilio).
Restoration of fifty prints, works of the Mantuan engraver Antonio Carbonati (1893-1956), owned by bequest by the Società per il Palazzo Ducale, held at the Palazzo Ducale of Mantova.
2009 Co-foundation and membership to the “Sacha Caprianorum” Committee aiming at the restoration of the Cavriani Chapel (Oratorio), the 18th century site  where local rulers were buried in the  Sustinente area.
Contribution to the collection of photographic documentation of all works held at the Palazzo Ducale of Mantova, by  Stefano L’Occaso
2008 Restoration of fifteen paintings representing the coat-of-arms of the first fifteen knights of the Order of the Redeemer established by Vincenzo I Gonzaga, belonging to the basilica of Sant’Andrea in Mantova.
Restoration of five busts of roman emperors (including their supports) of the artist Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi called the Antico (XV – XVI century) situated at the entry of the bishop’s seminary of Mantova.
2007 Restoration of a fifteen-century fresco in the Romanic church of Zello (Revere) portraying “Madonna col Bambino e Santi”.
Contribution for the lighting plant design of the Romanic church of Zello (Revere).
Acquisition, restoration and donation to the Museo Polironiano of San Benedetto of two majolica jugs of the first half of XVIII century belonging to the old Abbey’s pharmacy.
Erection of a temporary structure for the removal of the coffin containing the mortal remains of Ferrante Gonzaga in order to make ascertainments.
Restoration of two Renaissance relief panels portraying “Madonna col Bambino” of the Museum of the Abbey of San Benedetto.
Restoration of the four minor altars in the Basilica of Santa Barbara.
Restoration of four big seventeenth-century terracotta panels located in their original site, in the sacristy of the former Santissima Trinità church (the Holy Trinity), now part of the Archivio di Stato (Record Office).
Contribution for the restoration of the chapel of Santa Croce
Reconstruction of the clocks on the façade of the shrine of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie.
Restoration of the two altar pieces of the beginning of sixteenth century portraying Beata Osanna Andreasi and Venerable Maddalena Coppini (presently at the Museo Civico of Palazzo di San Sebastiano in Mantova)
Restoration and placement in the original site of the painting “La Madonna dell’Assedio” after the theft and following finding on Novembre 2002.
restoration of the Camerino dei Cesari (Caesars’ Study) and Camerino dei Falconi (Falcons’ Study);
anastatic reprint of the 1929 guide “Il Palazzo Ducale di Mantova” by Nino Giannantoni.
a 1662 painting of the parish church of Cesole signed by the painter Girolamo Pelosi and two other paintings of the first half of XVIII century of the parish church of Rivalta s/Mincio ascribed to the painter Pietro Fabbri.
Acquisition and donation of archives of the sixteenth century
restoration of the decorated pilaster ascribed to Luca Fancelli on the corner of Casa Aliprandi.
parchment of 1135 (the most ancient document which refers to the Most Precious Blood of Christ);
promotion for the restoration of 250 parchments and illuminated manuscripts from the archives of the basilica of Sant'Andrea.
real size copy of the terracotta coat of arms of the 1494 podestà of Mantova, Gabriele Ginori.
part of the porticoes of the Pescherie (fish market) of Giulio Romano with the "Madonna dell'Assedio";
two marble tablets connected to the siege of Mantova of 1796 in the porticoes of Palazzo della Ragione.
the fresco of the "Madonna dei Voti" in the chapel of the Incoronata in the Cathedral of Mantova; organisation of the meeting for the five hundredth anniversary of the battle of Fornovo.
two other big frescoes in the transept of the Cathedral of Mantova.
two big frescoes in the transept of the Cathedral of Mantova.
the restoration of the big clock of the tower of the Palazzo del Comune of Piazza Broletto.
the restoration of the chapel of S. Giovanni Bono and its paintings in the Cathedral of Mantova.
the complete restoration of the chapel of S. Croce in the Cathedral of Mantova.
the ogee vault with gilded gesso decorations of the Grotta of Isabella d'Este.
the fresco of Virgin and Child with St. Leonard (chapel of St. Leonard -or S. Croce- in the Cathedral of Mantova).
the four eagles on the propylaeums of Te boulevard
1949-1950 the hall of the "Imprese" in Palazzo Te
part of the frescoes of the roof of the Sala dei Fiumi (the Room of the Rivers).

Restoration of the front of the Magna Domus.

Mostra Iconografica Gonzaghesca (Gonzaga Iconographic Exhibition).

i Gabinetti di Isabella d'Este and the small Giardino Segreto in the Corte Vecchia (Isabella d'Este's Rooms and the Secret Garden).


four cabinets of the Corte Nuova including those of Ganimede and of the Falcons; il Gabinetto dei Cesari (Caesars' Study).

1925 la Camera di Giove (Jupiter's Room); il Salone delle Quattro Colonne (the Hall of the Four Columns) in the apartment of the Estivale.
1922-1923 the roof of the Scala di marmo rosso (the red marble Staircase); le Salette delle Città (the Rooms of the Cities); il Gabinetto delle Cicogne (the Room of the Storks); la Stanza dei Quattro Elementi (the Room of the Four Elements); several passages behind the apartment of Eleonora de' Medici.
1912-1913 il Corridoio dei Mori (the Moors' Corridor).

The "Society" is always glad to receive new membership applications and welcomes more volunteers to assist on different committees or to provide additional funds. To find out how you can do your part to preserve the heritage of the Ducal Palace of Mantova, of monuments, art and culture of our territory, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or write to Società per il Palazzo Ducale, Casella Postale N. 30, 46100 Mantova, Italy.