Società per il Palazzo Ducale
    Associazione di Promozione Sociale - C.F. 93016950201

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The “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” was formed in 1902 in order to support the protection and preservation, as well as to make better known the artistic wealth of the Ducal Palace of Mantova.
With a mandate to promote and encourage public interest in the history, the arts and culture which firmly links the town of Mantova and the Gonzaga family, this non-profit making association has always made itself available to aid the public and private administration since the beginning of the 20th century.
Although conditions have changed over the years, there is pride in knowledge that the love and passion with which its members have followed the aims of their statute, never diminished.
Article 2 reads: “The purpose of the association is to safeguard and preserve as well as to extend the understanding of the historical, artistic and cultural wealth of the Ducal Palace and the other riches of Mantova; to co-operate with the relevant bodies in achieving their objectives and to help bring greater appreciation, especially amongst the young, of this high cultural heritage”.
Since 1902 the Society has seen extremely busy times alternating with periods of inactivity; nevertheless nothing has ever weakened the awareness that the “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” was probably the first Italian voluntary association with cultural aims.
There have been many restorations sponsored by the Society directly and many others for which it made the first appeals for help.
In the course of its life, the “Society for the Ducal Palace of Mantova” has also purchased old manuscripts and paintings from private collectors. To avoid their loss and to throw new light on the history of the town, these items have been restored and given to Archives or Museums of Mantova.
Periodically the Society organises round-table conferences, meetings and lectures on various aspects of the history of Mantova and its monuments.